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Sales Manager Essay

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February 2014

Tourism sector in Amsterdam continues
to grow
Amsterdam continues to attract tourists despite the economic crisis. Between
January and Oktober 2013 the number of nights spent in hotels in the Dutch
capital rose by 7% compared to 2012. The growth largely came from domestic
arrivals, and is higher than the national figure (2%). In 2012 Amsterdam saw 10.6
million bed nights. The number of bed nights in 2013 is expected to be more
than 11 million.
The milestone of 10 million nights spent in hotels was officially passed in 2012: 5.7
million hotel guests spent an average of 1.85 nights in Amsterdam. This resulted in
10.6 million bed nights, according to the figures from ...view middle of the document...

Amsterdam hotels were
particularly popular with the local population in January 2013. In this month 45 hotels
took part in the ‘Amsterdamse Hotelnacht’ (Amsterdam Hotel Night) event where
Amsterdam residents could stay at these hotels at a reduced rate. There were also
more nights spent in hotels by Germans (+18%), French (+11%) and British (+10%).
This growth is higher than the national figure, particularly amongst Germans and the
British. Tourism from the developing BRIC countries is growing equally strongly in both
Amsterdam and the Netherlands (+12%).
Growth bed nights in January-September 2013* to January-Oktober 2012

* preliminary numbers 2013

Source: CBS

Arrivals, bed nights, length of stay en bed occupancy in hotels in Amsterdam
bed nights stay in hotels (nights)

bed occupancy (%)

1 Q 2012





2 Q 2012





3 Q 2012





4 Q 2012





total 2012





1 Q 2013*





2 Q 2013*





3 Q 2013*




Source: CBS


Research & Statistics service forecast.

Growth of business and leisure markets in 2013
Almost 40% of all bed nights in Amsterdam were booked by guests staying in the city
for business, with the remainder were for leisure reasons. Both the leisure and
business markets did well in the first ten months of 2013. With a growth rate of 9% the
number of bed nights for business purposes is growing faster...

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