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Sales Ethics Essay

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Sales and ethics – an oxymoron?
By Tony Cross, UPSA Chairperson

Tony suggests sales and ethics are compatible. Even if we sometimes don’t think so. Driving sales & revenue targets and remaining ethical in the process is difficult. But essential for sustainability. UPSA has a strong view on ethics and has released the UPSA Buyer's Bill of Rights designed to give buyers a level of confidence in the approach, attitude, consistency and ethics of the selling organisations. Anyone who has picked up the business or financial section of their daily newspaper over the past year has read story after story about unethical behaviour by South African companies. The media’s ongoing coverage of ...view middle of the document...

Simply because a company is not unethical and complies with the “tick-in-the-box” approach during an annual audit does not make the company an ethical one. Only companies who make significant and conscious effort to behave ethically have any chance of using this as a competitive advantage. Business leaders, who stick strongly to the values proudly displayed in their company reception areas, even in the toughest times, earn trust and credibility with customers, staff, suppliers and even shareholders. This trust builds significant loyalty, credibility and reputation amongst these stakeholders. This often translates into valuable relationships and thus a host of competitive advantages, specifically amongst customers.

Sales Professionals depend on a number of characteristics to ensure long-term profitability and sales success. These include product differentiation, quality service, market position and industry knowledge. They are worthless however if there is no trust between the buying organisation and the selling organisation or salesperson. If a buyer suspects the selling organisation to...

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