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Saint Essay

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The Saint that I have chosen to do is Saint Jessica. In my opinion I think she is one of the most important Saints because she tended for Jesus and also she provided for the Apostles. To include, she was also one of the three women who discovered the empty tomb of Jesus on the first Easter morning. This particular Saint has a feast day, and that is May 24th. Jessica is also a modern derivative of Saint Joan. Another idea that is interesting ...view middle of the document...

Years after she was healed, she was supported by him and his disciples. Interesting enough, she was also the wife of Chuza. Joanna lived in Israel, and one of the most important things she did was give John the Baptist a proper burial and funeral. Things that represented Joanna are an ointment box for healing, a pitcher and a basket for the hungry and the poor.
One of the reasons that I chose this particular Saint is because she admired John the Baptist so much, that she gave him a proper funeral and burial. Joanna was also there when Jesus has resurrected and that makes me feel closer to God. Also, I feel like she is a good role model because she was always praying and feeding the hungry and the thirsty.
To conclude, Joanna was always close to god. She always prayed and was very close to God and Jesus. She was one of the three women who went to the tomb to find Jesus not there. When he went back into Heaven, she covered his tomb in myrrh. In my opinion I also think she was brave. I think this because she had a husband who was controlled by King Herod. In this time period, she could’ve been killed for being a Catholic or Christian. This is why I have chosen Saint Joanna to be my Saint.

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