Safety Analysis Of A High Voltage Test Lab

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Safety Analysis of a High Voltage Test Lab

David Wallace

ISE 6173
Instructor: Dr. Kari Babski-Reeves
Spring 2015
In the production of electrical transformers, dielectric test must be performed to certify the transformer will function properly in the field. These tests are conducted in a high voltage test lab (HVTL) where voltages can reach in excess of 500,000 volts. This health and safety assessment was performed on a HVTL to identify potential safety and health hazards within the lab and apply engineering controls, administrative controls and personal protective equipment to mitigate the hazard. This assessment was accomplished through the use of risk assessment, ...view middle of the document...

2 Deviation Analysis results12
3.3 Job Safety Analysis results12
3.4 HAZOP results12
3.5 Fault Tree Analysis Results13
Appendix A: Risk Assessment Raw Data 17
Appendix B: Deviation Analysis Raw Data 18
Appendix C: Job Safety Raw Data 20
Appendix D: Hazard and Operability Raw Data 21
Appendix E: Fault Tree Raw Data 23

Table 1: Classification of Consequences2
Table 2: Classification of Probabilities2
Table 3: Acceptance Scale3
Table 4: Type of Consequence3
Table 5: Consequence of Deviation3
Table 6: Deviation Analysis Classifications4
Table 7: HAZOP Guide Words6
Table 8: Top Ten Hazards of High Voltage Test Lab13
Table 9: Engineering, Administrative and PPE Controls to Mitigate Hazards15
Figure 1: Risk Assessment Data Analysis9
Figure 2: Risk Classification Data Analysis9
Figure 3: Deviation Data Analysis10
Electrical transformers are one of the main components in providing the electricity that drives virtually every aspect of daily life. The electrical transformers role in this is performing the transformation of voltages from high to low which permit the transmission of the electricity throughout the nation. To insure proper operation, the transformer must follow strict testing procedures outlined in various ANSI/IEEE Standards. The required testing is carried out in a specially designed High Voltage Test Lab (HVTL). Within the confines of the HVTL, workers are exposed to a variety of hazards that are normally found in factories everywhere. In addition to common hazards such as noise pollution, slips, extreme temperature and others, there is also the presence of extreme high voltage exceeding 500,000 volts and currents exceeding 6000 amps. Considering a mere 50 volts or 30 milli-amps is enough to kill an average person, it is easy to understand the necessity of a thorough health and safety program which is followed by employees as well as management.

The focus of the study presented in this paper was to identify any health and safety hazards in the HVTL and mitigate these hazards by means of administrative controls, engineering controls and personal protective equipment. The HVTL used for this study is located at the ABB transformer factory in Crystal Springs; Ms. The HVTL is a 1600 square foot room with an enclosed generator room and a test office. Transformers enter the HVTL by means of two roller beds and one raised dock. The transformers are moved around the lab by a battery powered walk-behind fork truck. Cleaning of the transformers is accomplished using high pressure heated water mixed with an industrial degreaser and dried by means of compressed air. Testing is carried out by three lab technicians under the supervision of the test lab manager. According the Bureau of labor statistics (BLS) the industry standard for DART is 1.8 (BLS, 2013). Currently...

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