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S.W.O.T Analysis

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Marketing plan for Buenos Aires Café

Executive Summary

Buenos Aires Café is an independent family run Argentinian restaurant in South East London. The proprietors serve authentic homemade cuisine, specializing in organic meat produce directly from the Pampas, paired with locally sourced Mendoza wines.

The market segment has a concentrated approach, targeting local young professionals and families in the middle upper classes. This segment makes up the large proportion of the restaurant’s customer base, which has enjoyed continued growth while looking for other market segments.

Buenos Aires Café offers great service and a relaxed dining experience. The restaurant uses prime beef ...view middle of the document...

3 Promotion 14
5.4 Place 15
6. Monitoring & Evaluation Control 16
Sales Analysis: 16
Market Share Analysis: 16
Customer Analysis: 16
7. Conclusion 17
8. Recommendations 18
9. References 19
10. Appendices 20
10.1 Appendix (A) P.E.S.T Analysis 20
10.2 Appendix (B) Porter’s Five Forces 21
10.3 Appendix (C) S.W.O.T Analysis 22
10.4 Appendix (D) Perception Map 23

1. Introduction

Buenos Aires Café is a family run Argentinian restaurant serving traditional and regional cuisine in the heart of Blackheath Village in South East London. The proprietor’s only use the very best ethically sourced Argentinian beef, homemade chorizos and empanadas and a fantastic selection of Mendoza wines.

Set in the tranquil part of the village overlooking All Saints Church and the wider common area, the restaurant offers dinners with a relaxed, informal and friendly service as if overlooking the Pampas itself.
2. Environmental Analysis

The application of acknowledged and appropriate marketing tools like PESTEL and SWOT analysis facilitates the analysis of the organisation’s market position (Proctor, 2000, p 9).
2.1 Macro Analysis
PEST analysis is valuable while analysing the external environment where business is conducted or where an organization is planning to start a business (Henry, 2008).
Appendix A shows the external factors affecting Buenos Aires Café’s using PEST analysis.
Political Factors:

* Trade relations between the U.K and Argentina have the potential to sever over the sovereignty of the Falkland Islands now that several oil exploration companies are active in the region.
* Import regulations such as animal welfare and health, measures to contain infectious outbreaks such as B.S.E and foot and mouth disease, which have lead to restrictions on importing beef products on the bone in to the E.U.
* Immigration policies are due to restrict the number of migrants entering the U.K to work, which will affect the restaurant industry.
Economic Factors:

* The economic growth following the 2008 recession has been slow and extremely cautious which has had an external impact on all businesses across all sectors.
* The unemployment rates have been the highest for some time and have in the last few years started to show improved rates.
* Government taxes, such as V.A.T have risen to 20%, which has hit the consumer with higher priced goods. Whereas inflation has been extremely slow but could potentially see rises in 2015 increasing mortgage rates with a bounce on effect to consumer spending.
Social-cultural Factors:

* Change in consumer spending attitudes post recession. This has lead many demographic groups preferring to eat and home vs. eating out.
* Health conscious consumers looking for ethically and where possible locally sourced produce.
Technological Factors:

* The rate of technology change has rapidly increased and most consumers have followed suit forcing restaurants to...

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