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Russia, A Torn Culture Essay

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During the semester we have studied several torn cultures, in case we are going to study Russia, we use the term of “torn culture” when a country has experience major assaults on the core values of their cultures. In other words when a country have been separated from their cultural roots that have nourished them for decades.

According with GP, Russia has been severed from its social, economic and cultural roots four times in the whole history of Russia, and by these events we call Russia a torn culture. ...view middle of the document...

Also constructed Saint Petersburg out of swamp land to connect Russia by land with the West. The Russian Revolution began bringing with the third period to Russia, this began in 1917, and the results were dramatically different in the bad way to Russia, the results affected socially, economically, and culturally. World War II is when Russian army lost more soldiers than other nations. By this event the economy became extremely weak, most of the Russian resources went into military and atomic weapon affecting dramatically the economy; Christian Orthodox churches were destroyed and religion worship was banned. Big changes came with the third period. The fourth period began in 1992 when Mikhail Gorbachev, former president at that moment, led a movement toward Western Capitalism and two new words entered the English language: “glasnost” that means openness and “perestroika” that means restructuring, and this period was initially marked by optimism and hope.

These small introductions to the four events define Russia what it is nowadays, and with these events came changes, and these changes makes Russia one of the classic cases of a torn culture.

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