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Rough Story Essay

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“De’Jon, did you go to the market and get the chicken feed?” shouted my mama.
My life sucks, those words that forever etched in my mind were playing over and over again, like a bad song I couldn’t forget. “No Mama!” I yelled in response, wincing as I waited for the unavoidable and inevitable lecture I could sense approaching. Approaching like a scorpion ready to strike. I yelled out in pain as I trumbled off the shabby hellhole we called home.
So let get everything out on the floor... my name is De’Jon Lee; I’m what greeks would call a poor demos. I (much to my disappointment) claim the ranking ‘must bullied.’ Me and my family been exempted from any festivals. It would be a shame, ...view middle of the document...

I was deep in the cave and very much lost, I wonder around and found a great Iron door. It took all my pathetic strength to open one door, and when I did I fell to one knee and couldn't breathe but then I realized it was because I was in shock. For what laid out before me was something no man ever seen before.
What lied ahead of me was a giant throne, it wasn’t just the fact the throne was made out of diamond. There was mountains of diamond and gold, I glance across the walls and I stop at the figure kneeling at the foot of the throne. I walked up to it and across the armrests is a diamond scepter. Engraved on it was the words “All who kneel to me, kneel to Ra.” I picked it up then from behind a blinding flash behind me. I turn and see three men in black cloak kneeling. They were magicians, the god would use magician as extension of who they were. Granting them power to do their will, Here they were kneeling before me.
“If you want our magic to cast..there is a task you must complete. Seek out the one who is the great, although his price is at a high rate. There is a cave in the east.. there you must find and slay a beast.”
My heart skipped a beat as they uttered their words, confusion stung at me all afternoon. The magicians told me I could find this “man who’s great in Alexandria. That would be a three day walk for me.
Three days have past and I found myself in Alexandria, I went to a merchant and asked where I could find the great. He said you’ll find him in the royal house. He was young and powerful, The magicians said he would know what I was talking about. His price was hefty...but not for me. I could spare four thousand of diamonds and gold....

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