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Rosa Essay

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Rosa Parks, given her humble and gracious disposition, would probably reject the label, "Mother of the Civil Rights Movement." With a profound respect for history, she was acutely aware that the movement for human and civil rights existed well before her birth in 1913. She understood that she was part of the ongoing struggle for human progress, which echoed from the days of Frederick Douglass, who died in 1895, just 18 years before her birth. "There had been others who had been humiliated on the buses before. She was not the first, but when she was thrown in jail it said to all of Montgomery that none of us is safe. It was the purity of her character that galvanized the movement." (West, 2005). She was a true hero and people believed in her, so many people of her kind were been disgraced but they couldn’t do anything about, it was probably not her first time of being humiliated but when she noticed how it ...view middle of the document...

In any case there was a number of events that I ,can point to as the start of the Civil Rights era. The Montgomery Bus Boycott was certainly one of them. Thanks to Mrs. Parks and others, black Americans are surely better off today. It's unfortunate that many people fail to see that. And that we'll use the activities of the past as an excuse.
According to El-Kati, Mahmoud “Rosa Parks was like many Black people nurtured in the matrix of white supremacy mythology, and yet aware of its false promises and waiting for the right time to boldly challenge racism before the eyes of the world.” (2006) in other words, she was the first ever courageous person that disagreed to stand up for a white person during the segregation era and the whole of America ought to be thankful for her deed in my own opinion This is what makes Rosa Parks an icon, or also called the "Mother of the Civil Rights Movement" as we know it. The incredible combination of courage, conviction, patience, persistence, and a quiet, compelling dignity welled up in her to affect us and the world.
It was said that Rosa parks ended the racial segregation in buses, and also still responsible for ending of Education segregation in Boston where blacks were being taught in undeveloped schools without facilities while the white kids enjoyed good facilities, Rose brought up this argument and it also led to a form of riot in Boston, so this brings to my opinion that She’s a good leader because she saw how her fellow black people were being treated and searched for several ways to put an end to it, this is how a leader is meant to be. A leader doesn’t just think of only their selves, they think of their fellow people and how to make bad things better for them. Parks was a remarkable woman; her courage and conviction sparked a wave of change and led a generation in a new direction. Few can be seen to have made such a vital contribution to the alteration of the rights of so many, a true icon and leader of change. She can be considered a “WE” leader because she is a servant leader who focused primarily on the growth and well-being of the community she belong.

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