Romantic Relationships Essay

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Fun? Emailing? Projects? Every thing you love is inside this petite box. Its phenomenal ! A computer has every thing you need. I strongly believe that computers are a necessary for every one for the following reasons .

First of all, computer are important for emailing for instance if you want to call your
Cousins and there are in another country, you can go on yahoo and chat to them, it is
for free! Instead of wasting money. Also a computer is important for ...view middle of the document...

at the same time I can check my spelling also we use power point to create our
projects. Farther more you can save papers and also its easy for audience to understand through slideshow with images .That is why I think computers are worth while for projects

Third of all, computers can be used for fun. You can listen to music or watch a movie
on you tube. Also you can play games online or you can download games to your computers . that is why I think computers can be used for fun .

Finally. In my own opinion I think computers are important for everyone because as I mentioned First of all, computer are important for emailing Second of all a computer is worth while third of all computer can be use for fun. For people who don’t care I have convinced you that they are important . 25 to 26 people I surveyed agree that computers are important . we almost cant live with out computers .

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