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Romantic Essay

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Although romantic poets have established several ideas concerning what they believe a poem should be, Wordsworth’s definition of poetry in The Preface to Lyrical Ballads is the most famous one: “All good poetry is the spontaneous overflow of human feelings…modified and directed by our thoughts." or "...the spontaneous overflow of powerful feelings: it takes its origin from emotion recollected in tranquility”. He sees poetry as acting like Nature, which touches all living things and inspires and delights them. Therefore, poem is an instrument that draws attention to the hidden, unnoticed beauties of nature. In addition, Wordsworth also emphasizes the relationship between the mind and poetry. ...view middle of the document...

Thus, in the next line he declares that children are superior to men because children form an intense bond with nature: “The Child is father of the Man”; and he wishes to stay connected to his own childhood: “I could wish my days to be/ Bound each to each by natural piety.” Wordsworth sees childhood as a time full of innocence and naïve excitement, so he sees these things as far superior to the more conscious relationship and more ration knowledge that we develop as we grow older. While the mind plays an important role in the state of being, the artist must be in synchronized mode with their consciousness from his point of view. Wordsworth attempts to evoke in the reader similar emotions that spending time enjoying the beauty of nature is a precious gift to his life.
Keats has applied Wordsworth’s definition of poetry in one of his beautiful odes "To Autumn" after enjoying a lovely autumn day. Keats describes autumn with a series of specific, concrete, vivid visual images. The stanza begins with autumn at the peak of fruitfulness and continues ripening the fruit with the help of a maturing sun. However, the apples become so numerous that their weight bends the trees; the gourds "swell," and the hazel nuts "plump." The danger of being overwhelmed is suggested in the flower and bee images in the spring and summer. The bees think that the summer will never end and the flowers will...

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