Role Unions Play In A Global Economy

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Role Unions Play in a Global Economy
In the present day, a lot of people converse about how much the economy has changed and the new economy. For instance, in the United States buyers want more high-quality services and merchandise, more than ever before and they want it custom-made to their specific needs. Technology is continually and rapidly changing, which generates innovative, high-quality goods; therefore customer’s needs are altering too. These changes put new stresses on companies and they have to be very flexible and have the ability to change their products to meet customer’s demands. The incredible variety of selections mean consumers will not be dedicated to any one business ...view middle of the document...

The most respected contribution in today’s economy is the skill of the employee, such as the business managers, marketing and financial professionals, along with technical scholars and computer experts. The new accomplished workforce need to be treated by the employer with respect and made a full contributor in the operations of the organization.
The present economy is not favorable to labor unions because they seem to no longer have the ability to protect the wellbeing of employees and if they are to have any part, they must have continuous fluctuation. Unions must be able to rebuild themselves because their foundation is their thought that the wellbeing of employees and employers are irreconcilably different. Because capitalism causes unions to be powerless, each single employee must come together with a common goal to challenge their employers in regards to receiving better wages, hours, terms and conditions of employment, and respect. However with the way the economy is today, all of this has changed. Unions indicate the loss of the originality so valued in today’s economy. People are compassionate about having a clean atmosphere, to the point that they will be less wasteful and recycle; however, unions are not needed for people to do these things.
Employees are either entrepreneur who doesn’t need to be part of a union because they work for themselves or if they work for a company, they most likely work in a workplace that is worker-friendly. Companies today have less distance between the employer and employee, so employers now feel they are able to provide a place where employees can attain personal growth. A supervisor now can provide interactive communication and is no longer just a boss. They provide an array of benefits and some provide services such as recreational facilities and outside events.
Those who object to the idea that unions are no longer needed feel unions can defeat some inadequacies in the market and make the economy grow more rapidly, at the same time assisting employees to achieve their goals without difficulty and at a lower personal price. In order for unions to do this, they will have to be entirely renovated. Unions would need to work together with employers, in order to generate an economy that can triumph the...

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