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What is the role of technology? Is the role different than of your view of today’s technology role? How does uncertainty impact your ability to plan for the future work? Predicting the future, or in this case the future of work, has and always will be one of those uncertain tasks that all individuals, managers, entrepreneurs, etc. question and try to determine. Although predicting the future of work is impossible, it doesn’t mean that one can’t reasonably assume what lies ahead. As the videos allude to, research, analyze and be certain in your direction! The technology has morphed throughout history, from ancient civilization techniques to modern computer devices, and one to believe that ...view middle of the document...

Technology as we know it today may be much different in 2, 5, 10, and even 20 years from now. Innovation drives technology. Today’s role of technology isn’t much different than my view of its role. As a public employee, it has been difficult at times to “keep up” with the latest and greatest technological enhancements available due to budget and work constraints. However, this doesn’t prohibit me from experimenting with technology in other ways. I currently am pursuing a graduate’s degree in business administration and it is completely handled through the internet! I need not attend physical classes, go to the library and rent books for research, plan my day around travel to and from school. No, I simply log into my school account and can complete my tasks all with my fingertips. I can work on class work at my house, on my lunch break, at the beach, etc. I am fortunate for the opportunity to gain needed knowledge for career and personal enhancement, but I know that the role of technology today will most definitely be much different and better in the future. Uncertainty is inevitable and can be awfully terrifying, but it doesn’t have to consume or direct one’s future plans. Being certain about yourself, your abilities, your decisions, and most importantly your desire can keep you always looking forward rather than worrying about the uncertainties of the world. As I have mentioned, the future is impossible to predict, but it doesn’t have to be impossible to tackle. If you live your life knowing that no matter what the future lies (whether good or bad) that you will prevail, then no task or obstacle will stop you from where you want to go.

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