Role Of Mentor Essay

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Role of the Mentor

In line with the preparation of mentors, this assignment will aim to look at mentorship in depth. A variety of aspects around mentorship will be discussed, the first being the emergence of mentorship. This will explore what emphasis was placed on learning prior to Project 2000, and then moving to present day and the different documents that were implemented and the benefit these had on the mentoring process. Several definitions of mentorship will be ...view middle of the document...

This will lead onto the role of the mentor, focusing upon relationships and the different theoretical perspectives around the formation of these. Also being explored in this section will be characteristics needed by the mentor as well as their responsibilities.

The following topic to be explored will be learning styles and the environment. A definition of learning will be offered leading onto the learning environment and audits that are in place to ensure placements are up to scratch. This is followed by a description of learning models, looking at research that displays deficits with these. Also being looked at are the individual learning styles and characteristics.

The final topic will be assessment; the author will offer a definition of assessment. This will lead onto formative and summative assessment, looking at the advantages and disadvantages of both. Finally, the author will discuss the numerous techniques of assessment.

Throughout the assignment conflicting research will be offered thus giving a balanced debate for the chosen topics. The aim of this will be to equip the preparing mentor with sufficient knowledge for the future role. Also it will enable the mentor to adopt a suitable learning style that will enhance the students potential.

The emergence of mentorship

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