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IT at Jessops:

In the current economic climate, its essential to Jessop’s to continue expanding as a company.
Information system and IT in general is a crucial factor in any companies’ strategies and successful companies are those who can use this asset efficiently and accurately in all aspects of their work.
Jessops have traditionally been operating in stores; however they have now entered e-business by launching their online platform. Jessops website provides an easy to use website, where potential customers are able to gain a clear understanding of products and services on offer.

IT is a determinant factor in success of the website as it opens their market to a whole new range of ...view middle of the document...

New developments include being able to create photo books and gifts from images generated through Flicker and Picasa

Furthermore new technologies offer costumer to convert their old video’s and films from tape to digital format and saved to Blu-ray or DVD.

These developments, alongside a wider range of products and improved online functionality, have resulted in rapid growth of Jessops’ online business. In fact, its .com business has trebled in size over the last 3 years

New technology will enable customers to convert old videos and films to digital formats, with results saved to Blu-ray Disc or DVD. Tablet style kiosks with a seating area will be introduced to Jessops’ centres of excellence to allow customers to order their images in a relaxed environment.

Suppliers & Delivery
For customers using the website to purchase product, Jessops offers two delivery options: to collect at store and delivered to address.
Data bases play a crucial role in effective stock keeping and ensuring that suppliers are aware of the products desired by the costumer in real time. This offers an easy way to manage inventory. It also improves the speed and accuracy of the delivery procedure therefore leading to better customer satisfaction. Minimising human interference and improving existing IT systems have also lead to a more efficient cost effective operation.

Accounts department
The role of it is to first approve the transaction before processing the order through and once...

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