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Role Of Account Planning Essay

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Role of Account Planning in growing a brand…
In the business of building brands and making them part of consumers lives, the role of planning becomes invincible.
To me one of the most important things that planning does is, uncovering where the brand lives in the consumers’ mind. It makes use of research tools such as ethnographies, focus groups or quantitative/social studies to ask consumers what they think about the brand, or how they use the product or service. But, planning is not just a research function; it truly begins when the research ends.
Planning takes into account various strategic frameworks, models to create brand propositions & ...view middle of the document...

It can take one outside the conventions of a category and aid generation of new ideas. From infusing creativity into the everyday brand work to helping the brand stretch across different formats, or ideation on new product developments, strategic planning can help us do a multitude of growth led activities with the brand.
Planning also works like a formalized road map that details how a brand or a particular strategy should be executed in different markets or for different TGs, over a period of time. Recommendations or creative ideas won’t work if the road map of communication is not in the right place.
Conventionally equated to advertising, I believe planning is much beyond just effective advertising. It is about engaging with consumers in the most real way. So, an important aspect of planning becomes decoding consumers’ paths to purchase. We know what works for one brand might not work for another. A digital activation can be relevant for a mobile app and some OOH activation maybe relevant for an automobile brand. Therefore, understanding consumers’ path to purchase becomes important. It helps us in identifying the most relevant touch points, channels and technology to be used for communication. An impactful communication can not only trigger the need for a particular product, but also spur entry of the brand into the consideration set, cue it to a better top of the mind or even generate purchase.
So, the role of planning spans across multitude of activities like insight mining, proposition building, brand stretching or an identification of a communication touch point. It is however important to note that, while planning plays such an important function in building the brands, most of the ideas that drive business are more typically a result of a strong collaboration between creative and planning.

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