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Role And Functions Of Business Law

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The Role and Functions of Business Law
Tanisha Haynes
July 18, 2013
Ms. Lindsey Cole

The Role and Functions of Business Law
When people hear the word law, one will think of the laws in which people have to abide by on a daily basis. There are several different variations to the laws; there are states laws. Each state has their own rules for their citizens to follow. Then there is the Federal law, which governs the government. According to Melvin, “the term law is defined as a body of rules of actions or conduct prescribed by controlling authority, and having legal binding force” (Melvin, 2011). Laws, established to keep order within a small area like a neighborhood or ...view middle of the document...

There are two main categories for law, criminal and civil. Tanisha also had the pleasure of having to file a civil suit against her neighbor and a cake company. There was a cake company, she found at the time and was interested in having them bake her wedding cake. She arrived to the establishment on the set date made by the owner for the sampling of the cake. She made her decision and left a deposit for the owner to mark his calendar for the date the cake was to be ready. She informed the owner her fiancé was in Afghanistan and on his break, he would like to come by and sample the cake. The owner agreed and set another date for the couple to come back. The fiancé arrived home and they were on their way to the establishment; however, upon arriving, there was no sign on the building. Tanisha and her fiancé got out of their car and walked up to the building, empty. Looking through the dirty windows, there was no sign of life, no tables, no chairs, just an empty building. They looked around for signs hoping it would lead them to the new location. Nothing, the telephone number was working and it redirected the calls to a personal cellular phone. No one answered, so Tanisha left a message.
When she arrived at work the next day, she looked the company up at the USPS and they had moved the business mail to their home address. She...

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