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The Human Genome Project (HGP) goal is to describe in intricate detail the Deoxyribonucleic acid (DNA) from humans and other selected organisms. Because DNA is the information molecule that carries instructions for creating and maintaining all life, resources and analytical technologies generated by the HGP and other genetic research can be applied to the DNA of all organisms on earth. (Congressional Project, 1998)
Gene tests. DNA-based tests are employed to diagnose a condition or estimate the likelihood for developing one, studies in Alzheimer's disease, (Atkins, E.R., 2010); Implications for Retinal Diseases Parapuram, S. K., Cojocaru, R. I., ...view middle of the document...

Sources of construction project risk




Force majeure

IV. Systems to address construction project risk Technology People Planning
V. Catastrophic failure fault tree
VI. Discussion of fault tree Reduce risks Mitigate risks Avoid risks
VII. Course Project Part I (blend in the smaller risks after the catastrophic risk, except conclusion)
VIII. Risk tables, charts, sheets
IX. Event Tree One
X. Discussion of Event tree One
When patients agree to undergo gene testing, they face significant risks of jeopardizing their employment and insurance status, divulging results could be beneficial but also devastating to the family lineage. Even though some current gene tests have been beneficial and their potential benefit enormous, the science is very new and dynamic. According to the Congressional Digest (1998), researchers themselves are unsure how to interpret the results of some commercially available gene tests. Patients face an additional burden as well: the psychological impact of testing can be devastating. Because genetic information is shared, all these risks extend to family members as well. Another limitation is the lack of medical options to treat or prevent many of the disorders for which gene tests are used. Imagine finding out you have a disease, and there is no treatment, or very little knowledge on how to treat the disorder, pretty devastating to you, and the family. According to Ezzell, C. (1991) Researchers acknowledge the long lag time between linking a gene mutation with a disease and developing effective therapeutics.
XI. Event Tree Two
XII. Discussion of Event Tree Two
According to the Congressional Digest (1998), many in the medical establishment feel the uncertainties surrounding test interpretation. The current lack of available medical options for most of these diseases, the potential for provoking anxiety, and the risks of discrimination and social stigmatization could outweigh the early benefits of testing. According to Sharon Begley (2004) More interesting are correct but useless discoveries, in which a gene variant indeed raises your risk of some disease but knowing your genetic status doesn't make predicting your medical future any more accurate. "Family health history is a better predictor of cancer risk than personal genomic testing," Eng says, not that family medical history is perfect either. Just because a relative died of cancer or a heart attack doesn't mean you will: most diseases have strong environmental components, and Grandpa's cancer might reflect an environment he did not share with you rather than genes he does. But until genetic testing improves, using online tools that let you...

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