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Risk Management Essay

1788 words - 8 pages


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Introduction 4
1.1 General Information 4
2. Project Name 4
3. Client Name 4
4. Decision Makers 4
5. Project Description and Goals 4
6. Business Case 4
7. Key Business Requirements 5
8. Project Objectives 5
9. Benefits 5
10. Target Audience 5
11. The Problem 5
12. The Solution 5
13. Project Scope 6
13.1 In Scope 6
13.2 Out of Scope 6
14. Pre-requisites 6
15. Assumptions 6
16. Project Constraints 6
17. Project Risks 7
18. Time and Costs 8
19. Project Organization 8
20. Organization Chart 8
21. Project Definition Approval 9


1 General Information

Project Name


Client Name

Dutch President

Green Administrative assistant

David Legal reviewer

Lisa Accountant

Decision Makers

Hind PM Leader 541-908-5814

Todd Developer Leader 503-997-8633

Fangqin QA Leader 503-917-1554

Project Description and Goals

We are going to set up a coffee shop, which will offer people internet, coffee, video game areas, and TV areas. We want people have fun over drinking coffee. This design is very creative and attractive for college students, and is very workable. CaféIT is a small start-up coffee shop located close to the Western Oregon University campus, in the heart of the small town of Monmouth. Our desired result for this project is for our extra floor space in the shop to become an entertainment area for customers. Management would like the project to create an area that will generate business for the coffee shop as well as draw patrons for use of the newly renovated entertainment features. CaféIT has space to utilize for technology that will bring in customers for a relaxing cup of coffee while they check email, study for a test, or forget about school while they play a video game alone or with a group of friends.

Business Case

1. Partnership

2. Product

3. Pricing

4. Capital investment

Key Business Requirements

We would like to make sure our stuffs in project run without any problems at all. We will support the employee to learn how to run everything in shop and to know how to run business as well. The project group name will be called CafeIT-BuildIT. The technical requirements will be determined as part of the proposal. The project group will make choices on technical equipment based on what is needed for problem free daily use. Cost will be accounted only once quality has been met.

Project Objectives

1. Coffee

2. Coffee machine

3. Computers

4. Coffee tables

5. Coffee chairs

6. Video Games

7. TV

8. TV set

9. Electricity

10. Cables

11. Microsoft software installment


We built a coffee shop with technology around the idea that work should be challenging and the challenge should be fun. To that end, Coffee shop's culture is unlike any in coffee shop America, and it's not because of the...

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