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Risk And Safety Assessment Essay

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Risk and Safety Assessment

Educators by law are required to be “loco parentis”, which means in place of parents; providing instruction, supervision, and safety of students. The responsibility of ensuring the safety and well-being of every student on campus takes on a great amount of liability. Every staff member bears this responsibility but many do not recognize the task. As written in School Law and Public Schools by Essex, liability of school personnel falls into the following categories:
Individual liability – school personnel may be held individually liable for their actions that result in injury to a student.
Vicarious liability – districts may also be held vicariously liable ...view middle of the document...

There are definitely areas that require attention given the nature of the student demographic.

Building and Grounds
* BHS is a two-story building with one major hallway on each floor. These two hallways hinder visibility due to its contoured shape; only allowing approximately 33% visibility.
* The building has 60 cameras monitoring exterior doors, stairwells, most hallways, bathroom entrances, main office, cafeteria, bus ramps, media center, gyms, and parking lots (limited distance and lighting).
* There are 15 entrances/exits doors; all remain locked except for two; one leading to the faculty parking lot and the main entrance requires buzzing in. All remaining doors have the potential to be propped open or opened by someone on the inside.

Corridors, Interior Doors, and Lockers
* Corridor sight lines are not maximized due to the contour shape of the two major hallways.
* Blind corners do not have mirrors or security cameras to increase exposure.
* Windows can only be covered with manual blinds.
* Exit signs are only located at the top of each door; confusion does exist by visitors and how to maneuver through the building.
* All interior doors require a coded key for that door or set of doors. Doors can be set to be locked or unlocked at the entrance. All doors can be opened from the inside. Some doors can be locked from the inside.

Outdoor Athletic Facilities and Playgrounds
* BHS does not have any playgrounds.
* The only violation identified in our outdoor stadium is a gated entrance is occasionally left unlocked by the PE staff for access.

The school needs more security cameras to provide surveillance in those unsupervised areas of the building. Cameras should be placed at every angle of the building. The previous principal has requested additional cameras on several occasions and has yet to get Board approval. We have limited personnel to effectively monitor these secluded areas; cameras are essential to deter inappropriate behavior. To address the blind corners through out the building, it is recommended that mirrors be installed to prevent unseen collisions. There have been several teacher cars that have been either stolen or vandalized in the parking lots. The cameras at these locations oscillate from side to side and do not provide a clear picture at certain distances. We would...

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