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Risk Analysis Temple

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Project or System Name

U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development

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|Release No. |Date |Revision Description |
|Rev. 0 |1/31/00 |SEO&PMD Risk Analysis |
|Rev. 1 |5/1/00 |Risk Analysis Template and Checklist |
|Rev. 2 |6/14/00 |Minor changes per Office of ...view middle of the document...

______ The document is accepted pending the changes noted.

______ The document is not accepted.

We fully accept the changes as needed improvements and authorize initiation of work to proceed. Based on our authority and judgment, the continued operation of this system is authorized.

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Program Area/Sponsor Representative

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Program Area/Sponsor Director



Page #


1.1 Purpose 1-1
1.2 Scope 1-1
1.3 System Overview 1-1
1.4 Project References 1-1
1.5 Acronyms and Abbreviations 1-1
1.6 Points of Contact 1-1
1.6.1 Information 1-1
1.6.2 Coordination 1-1


2.1 Summary 2-1
2.1.1 Project Management Structure 2-1
2.1.2 Project Staffing 2-1
2.2 Risk Management Structure 2-1
2.3 Periodic Risk Assessment 2-1
2.4 Contingency Planning 2-1


3.1 Baseline Security Requirements 3-1
3.2 Baseline Security Safeguards 3-1
3.3 Sensitivity Level of Data 3-1
3.4 User Security Investigation Level and Access Need 3-1


4.x [Risk Name] 4-1
4.x.1 Risk Category 4-1
4.x.2 Risk Impact 4-1
4.x.3 Potential Safeguard(s) 4-1
4.x.3.y Safeguard Name 4-1


5.x Potential Safeguards 5-1
5.x.1 Lifecycle Costs Acceptable Safeguards 5-1
5.x.2 Effect of Safeguards on Risks 5-1
5.x.3 Economic Feasibility of Safeguards 5-1



NOTE TO AUTHOR: Highlighted, italicized text throughout this template is provided solely as background information to assist you in creating this document. Please delete all such text, as well as the instructions in each section, prior to submitting this document. ONLY YOUR PROJECT-SPECIFIC INFORMATION SHOULD APPEAR IN THE FINAL VERSION OF THIS DOCUMENT.

The determination of the type of risk assessment to be performed relates to the decision made during the category determination process described in section 1.3 of the System Development Methodology. The level of effort required to perform a risk analysis will be much greater for a new development effort than for an enhancement of a system.


1 1.1 Purpose

Describe the purpose of the Risk Analysis.

2 1.2 Scope

Describe the scope of the Risk Analysis as it relates to the project.

3 1.3 System Overview

Provide a brief...

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