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Riordan Manufacturing Team Building And Conflict Management

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Riordan Manufacturing Team Building and Conflict Management

October 28, 2013
George Beaini

Riordan Manufacturing Team Building and Conflict Management
Riordan Manufacturing is working to launch CardiCare Valve heart valves and in doing so is designing a new team to proceed with the product launch. The company is looking to use many current employees along with some new hires to build the team needed to manufacture this new product. The company will be using team building strategies to determine how to build the new team for this product and will also be looking at conflict management and conflict management strategies to handle any possible problems that may arise.
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New employees are most likely still adjusting to the environment at Riordan and may have difficulty adjusting and working on a team for this project.
Strategies in building these teams will be determined through research on individual’s strengths and weaknesses. Then it will be important to look at what is needed in the project team and what attributes will benefit the team. The goals that are developed for the teams have plays a big factor in determining what strategy will work to build the team as well. Team unity is an important factor in determining the appropriate strategy for building these teams. As a manager of these teams the ability to motivate employees is an important factor in determining what strategy to use because the employees chosen need to be able to accept the direction provided and motivational tactics used.
As the manager it is essential that the progress of the team is monitored to determine if it is staying on task. To do this there needs to be benchmarks made to check in on progress. Also random quality checks in the manufacturing process need to be done to ensure the teams work is on track and being handled up to the standards that are determined for the product. Setting up monthly meetings with the team and its individuals will help to check on progress and get feedback from the members to see how they are working together. There will also be goals that are determined and performance reviews with the team and its members.
Part II: Conflict Management Plan
In the situation with James and David there can be different approaches to resolve this conflict. Some possible strategies could be problem solving, superordinate goals, expansion of resources, smoothing, compromise, authoritative command, and altering the structural variables. These strategies have different effects on how to handle the conflict between the employees. The important part is to look at what is causing the conflict between the two employees to see what possible strategy will work best for this situation.
Each of these strategies has strengths and weaknesses. Problem solving can be a good strategy because it allows face-to-face meetings to discuss the problem and get everything out in the open. The problem with this is that if David or James is not comfortable with expressing their feelings on the matter the problem may not get resolved. Superordinate goals can be a good strategy because it will force the employees to work together. Compromise may be a good direction to resolve this conflict because it could help each employee feel that their feelings are being taken into account and the compromise will have each person...

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