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Riordan Manufacturing Final Paper Bsa 310

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Riordan Manufacturing

Final Project
BSA/310 – Business Systems

Company Background Information
Owned by a Fortune 1000 enterprise Riordan Manufacturing is one of the leading global plastics manufacturer with a projected annual earnings of $46 million. Since the company’s inception in 1991, Riordan Manufacturing expanded and acquired a manufacturing plant in Pontiac, MI and another manufacturing plant in Albany, GA, its headquarters is house in San Jose, CA. They have also created a joint venture with the People’s Republic of China. This organization focuses on being Six Sigma, exceeding ISO 9000 standards, and continues to maintain an edge in Research & Development ...view middle of the document...

Balance Sheet is not completed until 15 days post month ends, resulting in missed compliance with government regulations. Situation is apparent to both customers and suppliers; which may not be a good image to maintain. What is needed is consistency amongst all three F & A systems so that consolidation at months end is smoother and quicker; this may also potential reduce error rates.
Sales & Marketing

Human Resources and Legal
The Human resources page for Riordan Manufacturing seems very informative, a little too informative, on some levels displaying too much information. One of the sites lacks a directory page with all the contact information of all employees which can significantly improve the company’s operations at time needed. The directory page should include office locations, email links and direct supervisor’s contact information and pictures of the individuals would be of a positive outcome. This can serve many purposes, first it will allow everyone to identify every individual they come across especially when a company grows in numbers it is sometimes helpful to recognize faces when referring to a different department. It would also cut down on time wasted trying to figure out who a point of contact is for a specific department or project. Another improvement that the site could us is a navigation pages on the side border of the site. This can improve the complexity by avoiding from scrolling to the top of the page to find information. A search feature on the site that gives the option tosearch by office, department or name would also be useful. The fact that employee files are available for everyone to access seems a bit intrusive. This could be resolved by a level of security based on windows authentication to give access to the employee files based in department and need to know as in an employee’s chain of command. The Employee handbook can be revised in many areas. Making the handbook more interactive by placing helpful links and more search friendly would give the user a friendlier experience and seems less of a task. Information could be accessed faster and safer.
The human resource department is involved closely with legal interactions of Riordan Manufacturing. Lowell Bradford is the chief of legal counsel and oversees all legal matters. Litteral & Finkel law offices are the assigned attorneys for Riordan Manufacturing, representing the company since its inception. With multiple locations across the U.S. and other parts internationally around the world, Litteral & Finkel has been providing Riordan Manufacturing with legal services in all areas of legal operations such as tax, real estate, employment, immigration, labor, civil litigation, workers compensation and customs regulations. Because of its multiple locations and vast knowledge of the law in multiple locations of the world, Litteral & Finkel is able to immediately provide a team of attorneys to any legal issues that confront Riordan Manufacturing. With the...

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