Riordan Hr System Essay

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Riordan HR system
Philip Soluri
February 24, 2014
Eric Secrist

Riordan HR system
Riordan Manufacturing is a Fortune 1000 plastics manufacturing company employing approximately 550 people in several locations. Riordan manufacturing was founded in 1991 by Dr. Michael Riordan in San Jose, California but since has acquired multiple other entities and continued to expand. Chief Operations Officer Hugh McCauley has requested unification of the human resources department with a single cutting edge integrated software system for the entire department company-wide.
Riordan’s current HR system has been in place since 1992, and with both the expansion of the company and passage of ...view middle of the document...

According to (N.D.) the first step to the information gathering process will be to identify the key stakeholders involved in the project. Among the first interviewees will be Dr. Michael Riordan and COO Hugh McCauley. These interviews will give an overview of the scope of the project and what is expected from upper level management as far as how the new system should function and what results are expected from it. Also to be interviewed will be HR Director Yvonne McMillan, as well as the three managers beneath her for each unit beneath her. Use cases will also be used during the initial interviews to gain perspective on what is expected of the new system. The training and development specialist will also be interviewed to help identify any current shortcomings in employees training and areas that can be improved upon. After interviews with the key stakeholders and approval to proceed, employees from each unit within the HR department to help determine the pitfalls in the current system and to receive feedback on expectations and requirements from the employees who will be using the system on a daily basis.
Using the basic guidelines set forth by (2002) five main goals will be achieved using the techniques above to ensure success in the information gathering phase and help to provide a seamless transition to the new system. The first goal is to ensure that management is committed to the project and is willing to provide input and be involved in the process. As Tech Republic stated in their article, “Not only does management commitment drive individuals to perform because they wish to achieve recognition from their superiors, but management commitment is directly linked to whether adequate financial, human, and technology resources would be available.” Not only would a management commitment work towards employee cooperation and assistance with information gathering, but would also determine the feasibility of the project. Interaction between users and IS personnel is also a key objective for successful information gathering. Obtaining information from the users and a solid relationship between IS and the users in the long run is for the most part going to be the “meat and potatoes” for the success of the project. The IS staff will rely a great deal on information provided by those that interact with the system the most. Effective information gathering in this phase opens the lines of communications to allow users to be involved in where the new system may require improvement.
One of the most fundamental goals that must be set through the information gathering process is congruence among IS, users and management. All three groups as a first decision have to be unified on the purpose of the new system and utilize high levels of interaction and communication. Without the foundation of a common goal between all groups, the requirements may become vague, or too long to be able to accomplish all of them. Input from...

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