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Brianna Harden
English 214.05
April 12th, 2013

Emotional Consequences Faced By Veterans and Their Families

Many books, articles, or even essays that are read throughout one’s life, can at times be slightly unclear about what precisely the main idea is or what the authors true purpose is for writing that text. Most people do not understand that every writer uses rhetorical strategies throughout their writing to make their text clear and understandable for the reader. These rhetorical strategies are particularly important because they help with the clarity of complex ideas and assist the writer in getting their point across. In doing so, writers are able to make their text ...view middle of the document...

It is as if our veterans return back home as completely different people because they are so drained physically, emotionally, and mentally. They become so traumatized by the military and personal actions that they have done, such as dealing with the fact that they killed people and the excessive feelings of regret that come with killing people. Because of these things, the family members and veterans have a hard time adjusting and dealing with a number of emotional war wounds, both internally and externally.
However, even though both texts have very similar purposes, the authors talk from completely different point of views, which allows the reader to see the emotional struggles from both the veterans and family members themselves. For example, in “Gold Star” Fallon talks from the point of view of a wife who has just lost her husband due to the war. Throughout the whole story Josie, the wife, is reminiscing about her husband and trying to hold on to every memory that she can because she fears that she will forget him. It was like she wanted to be with her husband just one last time. She wanted it so bad that she searched for the same dusty smell her husband once smelled of, but nothing. She couldn’t find that same warm comfort that her husband once gave her, and by the end of the story she finally realized that her husband was really truly gone forever. Fallon used this approach very strategically in order to capture the reader inside the passionate feelings that Josie had for her husband. In doing so, the reader is easily able to connect and really recognize that war can, by the same token, emotionally affect family members of veterans. On the other hand, in “Iraq, Afghanistan War Veterans Struggle With Combat Trauma,” Wood gives the reader the total opposite point of view. He writes from the point of view of multiple returning veterans. In the article he explains how soldiers returning home from combat are faced with many challenges, such as relearning family traditions, rekindling relationships, finding employment, and overcoming the various amounts of emotional issues that come from going to war. And when the veterans return home, the soldiers are expected to make a quick transition from this “war mentality” into a “civilian mentality.” Some soldiers do not have the assistance to help them in this transition or to help them overcome their combat trauma, and because of that, this trauma most often develops into post-traumatic stress and other emotional issues. Wood uses his approach to capture the reader inside the stressful mind of returning veterans. By doing this, Wood is able to justify to the reader that soldiers really do go through dramatic emotional breakdowns because of going to war. Moreover, the strategy of using different points of views by both authors was very effective, because it enables the reader to have pure examples of how war affects both veterans and their family members. Not only does it provide the reader with...

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