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Rfid Essay

282 words - 2 pages

Gulf University For Science and Technology
Department of Management Information Systems

Introduction to Computer and Information Systems Project Specifications

The project is expected to train the students on presenting a specific topic using a presentation application.

The presentation is to be designed using MS PowerPoint and the topics may span several aspects such as:
Geocaching Onstar Telesurgery Slingbox Gesture Input E-Paper
3D Printer
Browser Operating System Wireless Power
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*  Overview/Agenda and introduction.
*  At least 5 material slides (not including cover and ending slides)
*  At least one hyperlink linking to related explanatory material
*  Slide and text animation
*  May have a(n) video/audio clip depending which is more relevant to your presentation (or both)
*  At least one table/picture depending which is more relevant to your presentation (or both)
*  Slide numbers
*  References
*  Duration: 5-7 minutes
This project is to be conducted as a group of two students.
You are to present your slides in class in a formal presentation (you may present the project to me in the office, getting a maximum grade of 8/10).
Gulf University For Science and Technology Department of Management Information Systems
Grading Schema
Title + Author | /10 |
Agenda/ outlines | /10 |
Comfy colors | /10 |
Content | /20 |
Conclusion | /10 |
References | /10 |
Presentation skills | /20 |
Animations + closing | /10 |
Total | /100 |

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