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Revitalizing Paws: Increasing Awareness, Funding & Enhancing Public Participation

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1. | Introduction | 3 |
2. | PAWS: A corporate profile | 3 |
3. | Mission statement | 4 |
4. | Major issues and problems identified | 4 |
5. | Data gathering | 6 |
6. | Survey questionnaire | 6 |
7. | Survey findings in graphical representation | 7 |
8. | Core IMC objectives | 9 |
9. | Target audience | 10 |
10. | Media campaign strategy | 10 |
11. | Schedule: 16 Week media strategy | 11 |
12. | The identified mass media (Print media, Internet Interactive media and events and ...view middle of the document...

For example, fundraising in the form of “donation” from target groups has been identified as the major source to help put into action the IMC plan as well as help PAWS overcome its major problems.
This senior project thus is an outcome of genuine concern for our animals; like humans, animals are also God’s creations; and they too have rightful place on earth; to live a life of dignity and value on earth! As humans, it is our privileged responsibility not only to merely show compassion, but to provide animals their rightful place on planet earth. Therefore, we need to take a defiant stand to prevent any form of abuse against them.

PAWS: A brief corporate profile
PAWS is a non-profit organization that was established in 2003 in the State of Kuwait. PAWS is also the first of its kind to be established in Kuwait; before this very little was done to support the miseries of stray and abandoned and injured animals in Kuwait. The organization does not receive any funds by private or governmental bodies; the organization operates exclusively through gifts, donations and contribution from animals lovers.

According to PAWS official web page (2014), the organization mission statement is: “to strive and provide assistance to homeless, neglected and abandoned animals by providing them with veterinary care, rescue and adoption services to domestic, wild and pets in Kuwait by partnering with their rescuers.”
An analysis of PAWS’ mission statement confirms that as an organization PAWS is certainly embarked upon a very noble mission to provide assistance to homeless, neglected and abandoned animals in Kuwait, through means of providing shelter, food and medication to the neglected animals.

Despite the noble mission undertaken by PAWS to serve the dire needs of the homeless, neglected and abandoned animals in Kuwait, PAWS has failed to achieve significant results. A short survey questionnaire comprising of 10 questions corroborates PAWS failure in its core mission and objectives. A sample of the survey questionnaire is enclosed as appended -1. The survey findings thus revealed that certain distinct problems are directly responsible for PAWS failure to fulfill its formulated mission and objectives. Following are the major issues and problems currently faced by PAWS:

1. Animal abuse and abandonment: Several sightings in different parts of Kuwait revealed frequent case of animal being abused and abandoned on the roads and in parks. According to Nadia Al-Kandari and Claudia Farkas Al-Rashoud (2013), “there are about 5,000 stray dogs in Kuwait as well as a huge number of feral cats that have been subjected to animal poisoning everyday,” (Al-Kandari, 2013) Most of the abuse and abandonment of animals include pet cats and dogs. For example, a visit to down town Kuwait city, particularly to areas like Murgab and Maliya reveals large number of abandoned dogs and cats. Investigation...

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