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Review Of A Time To Kill

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A time to kill Essay

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“A Time to Kill” takes place in a small Mississippi town, where two white
Men kidnap, rape, and nearly beat to death a young black girl. The men are caught, but the girl’s father, Carl Lee Hailey, takes justice into his own hands. The film, “A Time to Kill”, revolves around the trial of a black man accused of murdering the two men that raped his 10-year old daughter. Carl Lee is defended by up-and-coming white lawyer, Jake Brigance, with the help of a bright law student, Ellen Roark. Carl Lee’s trial triggers racial tensions which involve the Ku Klux Klan and the NAACP. Carl Lee faces an all-white jury, and a corrupt judge, while his ...view middle of the document...

Carl Lee is determined not to let this happen in this case. This visit to Jake Brigance’s office establishes an attorney client relationship between the two men. Carl Lee asks Jake if he would help him if he gets into a “jam”. Jake seems to understand the desperateness and pain that has taken over Carl Lee; after all, Jake has a daughter too. Jake knows Carl Lee wants to do something to make sure these rapists do not go free. Jake agrees to help him if he gets into a “jam”.
In the movie, “A Time to Kill”, Jake loses his motion for a change of venue due to a corrupt judge. I think Jake was correct in this thought that blacks are more sympathetic to blacks, and Carl Lee Hailey...
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Submitted by: lealaw
on April 30, 2009
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