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Resume Work Essay

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Supervises, coaches, and develops a team of Technical Support Representatives to fulfill company strategies, practices and procedures for serving, solving, selling. Supervises the team to deliver excellent customer services, effectively meet and exceed performance and service goals, and increase revenue through cross-selling.

Primary Responsibilities and Essential Functions
¿ Formally and informally coaches and develops the performance of the team to ensure they have the capabilities required to meet targets and increase customer loyalty.
¿ Applies functional and technical expertise and knowledge of performance standards to provide ...view middle of the document...

¿ Develops and implements recognition programs to encourage and reward Representatives for meeting targets related to serving, solving and selling.
¿ Manages day-to-day activities and business to maintain momentum and a sense of urgency toward desired results.  Continually focuses driving high standards of performance, correcting performance gaps, and works relentlessly to overcome obstacles and meet or exceed challenging goals.
¿ Reviews calendar, schedules, and tasks to plan/modify work schedules and ensure customers are served and priorities are achieved.
¿ Maintains a safe and positive work environment in compliance with all Cox safety policies.
¿ Resolves complex customer complaints and handles issues escalated by team members in a timely manner.
¿ Makes recommendations and/or decisions in real time to match capacity to demand and adjust methods of call handling to deliver the customer experience.
¿ Leads team meetings/huddles to cascade information, coordinate efforts and communicate changes in direction, products, policies, expectations and performance against service, quality and sales goals, processes, and standards.
¿ Communicates customer concerns, trends, recurring issues, sales and service opportunities, and related issues to higher leadership and within the Customer Care team.
¿ Recommends and coordinates implementation of solutions with various Cox organizations.
¿ Reviews Monthly Achievement Plan and Supervisor scorecard regularly with Manager to identify opportunities to improve results
¿ Collaborates with other departments to ensure that a high quality customer experience is achieved and to resolve system and process problems.
¿ Collaborates with the Customer Operations team to ensure operational efficiency is achieved.
¿ Collaborates with Customer Care Manager, Customer Experience team and other Customer Care Supervisors to plan and coordinate efforts to ensure that Customer Care objectives are achieved.
¿ Controls expenses while meeting or exceeding system revenue goals.
¿ Ensures that Representatives update all required customer information in a timely fashion.
¿ Ensures accurate employee compensation by tracking and managing time and labor.
¿ Manages attendance trackers to track progressive steps for disciplinary action. 
¿ Consults with Human Resources partners to determine eligible time off for employee leaves of absence.
¿ Approves and manages exceptions and audits to accurately reflect productivity measurements.
¿ Follows up on required Cox University course completion to keep the knowledge base and required certifications current.
¿ Reports and follows up on Customer Care tool failure.
¿ Attends job-related training and informally remains current on Cox¿s telephony, data, and video products and offerings, sales and leadership through completion of required/recommended training program.

Skills and Qualifications:

¿ High school graduate or GED or equivalent...

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