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Responsible Leadership Essay

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This essay aims to express my vision and ideas about responsible leadership, a new theory of growing importance. Indeed, previous theories about leadership lost credibility after the financial crisis in 2008. To fill in the gaps of the former theories, a new concept emerges: responsible leadership. In this essay, I first introduce the concept of leadership before expressing my vision of responsible leadership.

In the literature, most of the definitions have common parts. Leaders are individuals able to influence and lead a group of people, by their actions, to achieve a common goal. To do so, those individuals must have a deep commitment to the goal and strive ...view middle of the document...

To rebuild their image, brands are now trying to become greener, more responsible and more ethical. I believe that the concept of responsible leadership took its root in that context.

Responsible leadership
In my opinion, responsible leaders have the same characteristics as leaders but pursue a different goal: one with a positive social impact. Those leaders are called “responsible” because their business ideas go beyond organizational boundaries. In contrast with the former theories, their decisions are based on shareholders and stakeholders interests. In other words, they strive to achieve an inclusive common goal that serves both: the people who contribute to and the ones who are impacted by the business actions.
A responsible leader has a tough task when he wants to take a decision or an action. His aim is to achieve mutually shared objectives (between shareholders and stakeholders). To do so he has to balance the concerns of a variety of stakeholders. He needs to have the openness and moral courage to weigh the impact of his vision on others. If the consequences of one’s decision or action do not meet mutually shared objectives, he should adapt it. The common goal can only be effective if the leader has the capacity to listen to and empathize with all the people influenced by his actions.
Another aspect of responsible leaders is that they focus on creating sustainable wealth and social benefits for the stakeholders. They stop to concentrate on short term profits. This goal does not add value to all the individuals involved or impacted by the company but only for the shareholders. Moreover, it has been proven that it reduces long term gain and negatively impacts the community....

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