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The Responsibility Project
Ethical principles are something that can address any organizations issues. How to use these ethical principles are what we will address in this article. From the website “The Responsibility Project”, we will see how ethical principles are important in any organization, and how they can shape and change them. From the website, we will be reviewing the film “Good Vibrations”.

Why are the issues in the film important?
Good Vibrations is an animated tale all about a community’s responsibility, and the cost to be complacent. Although the film is more about a community’s responsibility, the issues addressed within the film are the same within organizations and ...view middle of the document...

There tends to be many different stakeholders within any organization, each individual stakeholder has their own agendas, and these agendas will overlap one another. These stakeholders will include the consumers, communities, employees, and its shareholders. An example of this situation would be Enron, who in 2006 were in a scheme whereas they had constructed several off-the-books partnerships. These partnerships were used to hide the massive debts of Enron, which in turn artificially inflated there stock prices (Trevino and Nelson, 2006). This was a shameless attempt to keep current stockholders happy and attract new shareholders. If the world outside Enron had known of this misconception, Enron would have been out of business much faster. This was an unethical attempt to try to keep the business afloat. A perfect example of how an organization may have to do something they normally would not do. The more people with an inside agenda are involved within an organization, the more of a chance these interest will overlap, and trouble will erupt.

How might these issues be relevant to organizational and personal decisions? Many internal and external issues may arise within any organization. Some of these issues can be so severe (for example, Enron) they can push an organization to discard all of their moral, ethical, and even legal responsibilities in an effort to save themselves. In a survival situation, the decisions made at the time seem to be the only logical option to save the organization. However, the reality afterwards only tends to show how precisely wrong the choice they made was. The Enron scandal involved many employees within the organization who knew of the illegal and unethical practices going on. The employees ignored their ethics and morals however, and allowed the practices to continue. This...

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