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Responsibility Essay

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My personal responsibility first is to focus in my goals, that I want to me to do and where I want to arrive. Then, I have to be responsible with my schedule of studies and assignments .
My personal responsibility is the success for the rest of my life.
Personal Responsibility is taking responsibility for your actions accepting the consequences that come from those actions and understanding that what you do impacts those around you. Obviously varies from person to person depending on their culture, their values, their environment and priorities. This is why we need to keep focused on what we want to do keep our goals ...view middle of the document...

Never going to succeed, but we comply with this following; to be responsible with:
1. Within ourselves.
2. The management of our time.
3. Make assignments as indicated.
4. Have a good attitude.
5. Having clear our purpose in life.
Personal Responsibility involves investing substantial amounts of time, money and energy in our education.
Personal Responsibility might cause one to neglect teamwork , is needed to succeed in college because it allows a student to take charge over their own life and cultivates growth in all areas of their life.
When we take control of our responsibilities, we have the control to successful in our education. There is a close relationship.
If time is an obstacle to my education, I have the obligation to learn how to handle it properly. We engage in so many things in life that we often forget, to ourselves and that is not to have Personal Responsibility for what will not reach our College Success.
My plan to practice Personal Responsibility for my education, before anything else, is to establish priorities in my personal life which must be education. Within my education create a calendar with the tasks to be performed daily. This makes me responsible for verifying the calendar every day, but because I can run the risk that something I forget. Establish a study schedule. Ask the questions necessary to a work of excellent.

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