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Response Styles Essay

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According to the handbook, there are seven listening responses a listener can give to anyone who’s in need guidance. Those styles are: prompting, questioning, paraphrasing, supporting, analyzing, advising and judging. For the first scenario, I’d use the Questioning response to get more information about the situation before giving any advice.
The first scenario involves an employer giving complicated directions for a task that the person must do. When I read the first complaint I could imagine the person complaining about their job being too hard. Before I could effectively assist this person, I would need to know more details and facts surrounding the asker relationship with the job as well as how he or she feels about being employed there.
The second scenario involved emotions because my friend stormed in the room clearly furious over something that happened to her while she was at school that day. Since she’s already angry, I wouldn’t ...view middle of the document...

I’d show care, concern and interest especially if making this decision seems to be a stressful one.
Lastly, the person with whom I want to strengthen my relationship with is my cousin. Using the interpersonal attraction variables, the reason I'd want to form a relationship with him is because we have a lot of Similarities. Although we have a lot in common, we also have some characters that are not alike and as a result we tend to frustrate one another.
Response 1

After reading your response, I concluded we had some of the same answers for different scenarios. I’m aware that there was no one correct answer, but I’d like to share why I made the choices that I made. The response for the friend who came home from school upset I chose the Promptings response whereas you chose Supporting. I think they were both good responses. I chose the promptings response because I didn’t want to make matters worse by giving her any more fuel to become more upset than she already were. I figured silence with affirmation through the nodding of my head and short responses to keep her talking would be good enough. The supporting response you chose was dynamic because it made her feel better while allowing her to express what upset her at the same time. Job well done and thanks for giving me something good to read.
Response 2

I enjoyed reading what you wrote. Although we worded it differently, we picked all the same responses for each scenario given. It’s something about being the person everyone comes to for help. Active listening is important because it could be the straw that breaks the camel back. As humans we are all capable of error, but when dealing with people who are experiencing a mental strain we must be as close to perfect as possible. I could tell by the way you wrote your paper that you pay close attention to detail and I could tell you are a caring individual. Those are some very necessary traits to be in position to help people like the ones used in the hypothetical situations given in this assignment. The only down side to being a listener and being the one everybody come to for help is; not having anyone you could go to because everybody thinks you’re strong so you don’t ever get weak. Thanks for sharing.

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