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Research Prospectus Essay

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Please complete this prospectus, to obtain my approval of your topic for the research-based report. This assignment will NOT be graded. The purpose of this exercise is to help you formulate the basis of your research-based report. It is also intended to keep you thinking and planning so that you will not submit a hasty, last minute, poorly written assignment!

Research Topic Development:

What problem or question does your research intend to address?

Persuade management to invest in more security software and hardware.

Why is topic of interest to you?

Recently our web ...view middle of the document...

What are the benefits to your organization?

The benefit to the organization would be saving of money on replacement hardware and software along with ensuring that the data provided on the web is valid and useful.

How far along are you in your thinking and research?
I have done some research along with speaking to a couple of vendors who can ensure network and system security.

What do you anticipate your research will discover?

That our systems are not as foolproof as we might think and can always be improved.

Are you ready to formulate a thesis statement? If so, that is it? (Note: The thesis statement tells the central idea of your research!)

Yes, “Due to our presence on the Internet and the importance of our data, the need to secure our information will help save the lives of those who protect our country”

“The procurement of new security hardware and software will enable our agency to not only protect the data but will also assist in the identifying system and software vulnerabilities, identify virus signatures and mitigate risk along with saving the lives of those who protect our country”

What sources do you intend to use?

I plan to use a variety of sources mainly vendors like Microsoft, Apache and U.S. CERT (United States Computer Emergency Readiness Team)

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