Research Process And Terminology Paper

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Include new terminology learned from the reading
Replication is the repetition of experiments or studies utilizing the same methodology. Verification is confirmation of the accuracy of findings or attainment of greater certitude in conclusions through additional observations.

Theory in criminal justice represents an attempt to develop plausible explanations of reality, which in this case are crime and the criminal justice system. Theory attempts to classify and organize events, to explain the causes of events, to predict the direction of future events, and to understand why and how these events occur. It represents a reasonable and informed guess as to why things are as they appear and ...view middle of the document...

Researches are a valuable international language and a useful tool for negotiating and understanding the latest literature in your field.

Concepts are abstract tags put on reality and are the beginning point in all scientific endeavors. Not to be confused with reality itself, concepts are symbolic human creations or construct that attempt to capture the essence of reality.

Operationalization defines concepts by describing how they will be measured. Working definition or operational definition are other terms used to refer to this process. The notion of Operationalization can be defined in response to the statement: “I measured it by.” Completion of this sentence constitutes the Operationalization of the concept. This process of Operationalization has now quantified (assigned numerical values to) a concept and converted it from an abstract, verbal entity to a measurable quantity or variable.

Variable are concepts that have been operationalized or concepts that can vary or take on different...

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