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Research Paper

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To be an athlete is something that God as put inside us as human beings you can’t teach talent. But to become a student athlete there’s a price you have to pay, it comes with hard work, big responsibility, maturity, and self- discipline. Everybody wants to play on Saturdays and Sundays but it starts in the classroom first that’s why we are labeled as STUDENT athletes first because, you can’t do one without the other. Most athletes don’t have a plan B in the back of their mind because all they know is football. I use to be ...view middle of the document...

I went home that night and didn’t get any sleep because he had me thinking about my whole life the entire night. I knew I had the goods to play football and my work ethic would carry me along way but, I had to remind myself that without the grades I wouldn’t graduate, pass the courses, and if I didn’t stay above a 2.5gpa I couldn’t play football for any college team. Between goals and achievements are discipline and consistency, I understand the ends and outs and what it takes to be a student athlete. The plan is to go to the NFL, but I also want to be the first to graduate from a university with a degree. Classes are like training and running to get prepared for the season, nobody likes to do it but it’s something that has to be done in order to get better and move to the next level.
In conclusion everything comes with a cost, you can be the best player in the United States of America but, if you don’t have the grades, you can’t get into college to reach your full potential. Grades should be important to you, not just as a student athlete but as a student in general. Average is something nobody should want to be dare to be different and keep your grades up, because if it was easy everybody would be doing it.

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