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Research On Stress Essay

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King’s College of Marbel Inc.
Brgy. Morales, City of Koronadal

SocSci 121
(Summary of Emotion)

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Esther M. Sahagun

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Jared S. Bigbig

What is life without emotion? Emotion gives life to a person. It is really hard determine the feeling of every individual without emotion. And having an emotion is an important part of being human. It can make one do and undo anything. It is difficult to know what the exact meaning of emotion is, because it cannot be seen but some psychologists define emotion in different ways, leaving some degree of agreement. The term emotion comes from Latin word emovere which means to stir ...view middle of the document...

The secretion of the duct and ductless glands are manifested especially during strong emotion.
When a person is emotionally tensed, the hair on the skin stand, the eyes dilate, the eyelids rise, and the eyeballs protrude. The kidneys and kidneys and bladder become more active during strong emotions.


Theory of Physiological Response Patterns (James-Lange Theory of Emotion) it was proposed William James, the famous American philosopher and psychologist and Carl Lange, Danish physiologist and Psychologist. In this theory emotion first we perceive the situation, next we react and lastly we realize. 

Hypothalamic Theory of Emotion (Cannon-Bard Theory of Emotion) proposed first by Walter Cannon later revised by Philip Bard. The individual perceives a situation, next his or her emotion is being the control centre, last physiological arousal prepares the individual react.

Cognitive Appraisal Theory proposed by Schacter and Singer. According to their theory environmental cues (persons, objects and situations) can contribute to or result in the emotional feeling of an individual.

Affective-Primacy Theory , in this theory we feel an emotion before we have time to appraise the situation. This means we feel first, before we think. It is opposite of the Cognitive Appraisal Theory.
Limbic Theory of Emotion, proposed by E. Gelhorn. According to him, the visceral brain comprises the limbic system, which composed of...

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