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Research Methods Powerpoint Presentation Essay

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Research Methods Web Assignment

Research Methods Web Assignment
Research refers to creative activities that are systematically undertaken to increase intelligence or knowledge with a mission of initiating change. It seeks the knowledge based on society, culture, and human living, among other areas with an aim of disclosing facts, solving problems, reaffirm results, and supporting the theoretical perspectives of other opinion groups. Additionally, organizational research can be conducted for the benefit of its effectiveness, seek market intelligence, and for identifying the best market segments. As such, this presentation illustrates the importance ...view middle of the document...

Specifying the objective or purpose of the research study is another step that helps in deciding the effective research frameworks to address the identified problem. The next step is formulation or determination of research questions that are framed to address all the aspects of identified problem. Research questions are important constructs that helps to collect effective information. Specifying conceptual framework is another method used to draw the hypothesis of research study. Selecting the best research method is also a process, which is good for collecting important data. The next processes are data collection, data verification, data analysis and interpretation, reporting and evaluation, as well as discussing the findings and possible suggestions.
Summary of Research Methods
Qualitative and quantitative research methods are two research methods that are mostly used. Quantitative research method research can be defined as systematic exploration of observable empirical data that is found through mathematical, computational, or statistical techniques. The advantages include presentable results using graphs, charts, tables, or figures. The data is usually accurate and unbiased, as it is computed using a specific formula to analyze the found data. Additionally, effective decisions are made when using quantitative research method since all decisions are based on computed data using quantitative tools such as statistical software or analytical tools. The data obtained when using quantitative methods helps to predict the organizational performance. Unfortunately, the use of quantitative research method can be costly since it requires high skills personnel to conduct the study. Statistical tools are also expensive to develop or purchase for the organization. The method can also hinder managers from making important decisions, especially when they do not interpret research results effectively.
The other method is qualitative research, which can be defined as a form of inquiry through extensive analysis of information collected through behavioral or language in a natural setting such as social sciences, market research, and natural sciences. It is advantageous as helps the researchers to get expressive information on how people feels, motivates, values, or beliefs. Qualitative research method help researchers to use various techniques to collect reliable and quality information through participatory observation. The method is beneficial for future research as its results are well analyzed, detailed, and documented. The researchers’ reflections in this...

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