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Research Methods Essay

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Research Methods in Psychology Their Advantages and Disadvantages Method
Case history

Good source of hypotheses. Provides in-depth information on individuals. Unusual cases can shed light on situations/problems that are unethical or impractical to study in other ways. Allows description of behaviour as it occurs in the natural environment. Often useful in first stages of research program.

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Naturalistic observation

Laboratory observation



Correlational study Experiment

Allows researcher little or no control of the situation. Observations may be biased. Does not allow firm conclusions on cause and effect. Allows more control than naturalistic Allows researcher only observation. limited control of the Allows use of sophisticated situation. equipment. Observations may be biased. Does not allow firm conclusions on cause and effect. Behaviour in the laboratory may differ from behaviour in the natural environment. Yields information on personality Difficult to construct tests traits, emotional states, aptitudes, that are valid and reliable. abilities. Provides large amount of If sample is noninformation on large numbers of representative or biased, it people. may be impossible to generalize from the results. Responses may be inaccurate or untrue. Shows whether two or more Does not permit variables are related. identification of cause and Allows general predictions effect. Allows researcher to control the Situation is artificial, and situation results may not generalize Permits researcher to identify cause well to the real world. and effect Sometimes difficult to avoid experimenter effects

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