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Research In Motion Essay

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Research in Motion

Have you ever seen people walking distractedly down the street staring at their hands? Have you ever been waiting in an airport, and the person beside you is typing quickly on a tiny keyboard? Have you ever used a Blackberry?

Research in Motion (RIM) is a multi-award-winning company that designs and produces hardware, software, and service solutions for wireless communications used by worldwide business and consumer markets. These state-of-the-art products and services provide customers with immediate access to information in order to make sound business decisions 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Whether you use the Blackberry device or ...view middle of the document...

This hand-held unit functions with RIM solutions to provide the user with access to time-sensitive information. Loyal users have permeated the market to the degree that many are accused of never letting go of their “crackberry”. With minimal traditional marketing, this product has become a status symbol among business people.

The Blackberry unit allows the user both access to and the capability to work with a wide range of business applications, including such things as:
• work and personal email accounts
• calendar
• address book
• task list
• internet
• telephone
• intranet access
• software access, such as spreadsheets

The newest product introduced by RIM, the Blackberry Pearl, moves away from the B2B market, focusing instead on the consumer market. The Pearl is currently going head-to-head with Apple’s iPhone. The Pearl responds to the increase in consumers’ demands for a product that allows access to various conveniences:
• wireless email
• camera
• digital music player
• text messaging
• digital video

RIM is confident that consumers will develop a loyalty to Pearl in much the same way the business sector has with the Blackberry.

The RIM Culture

RIM has a well-developed corporate culture that celebrates achievement, creativity, and risk taking. It develops a workforce motivated to achieve beyond its potential. The company supports this environment through a variety of participative opportunities and programs.

Employees at RIM are compensated by base pay, merit pay, and benefits. Benefits include a free Blackberry, on-site massage, subsidy for gym fitness membership, and opportunities to participate in a variety of wellness programs. Social events include holiday parties, picnics, and team-building activities.

Corporate Structure

RIM is lead by an executive team comprised of co-CEOs. Balsillie also holds the position of chairman, while Lazaridis is also the company president. There are two chief operating officers; a chief financial officer; a vice-president, Enterprise Business Unit; and vice-president, Corporate Marketing.

There have been recent concerns among industry analysts and company enthusiasts about the decision to continue operating with two CEOs, and about the status of the board of directors of the company. Many feel that RIM should reconsider the co-CEO management decision. An article in Canadian Business states that “RIM should follow Microsoft’s example and make Lazaridis the chief technology officer instead of co-CEO”. Also causing concern and disappointment is the fact that, as the company grows its global business, as of 2006, the board of directors is still entirely made up of Canadians.

Jim Balsillie is viewed as the public face of RIM, having a more...

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