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Research For P4 Essay

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WaterAid’s Global Strategy

We are WaterAid
Our vision
is a world where everyone, everywhere
has safe water, sanitation and hygiene.
Our mission
is to transform the lives of the poorest
and most marginalised people by improving
access to safe water, sanitation and hygiene.
Our values
define our culture and unite us across the many
countries in which we work. They are at the very heart
of WaterAid – who we are, what we do and how we do it.



We treat everyone with dignity
and respect and champion the
rights and contribution of all to
achieve a fairer world.

We work with others to
maximise our impact, ...view middle of the document...

WaterAid/Andrew McConnell

A woman crosses over a gulley full of
rubbish and human waste running
through the middle of her community
in Kamla Nehru Nagar, India.
WaterAid/Jon Spaull

children die every year
from diseases caused
by a lack of safe water,
sanitation and hygiene.2

of the world’s population
lives without safe water
to drink.1

One in three

people have no decent toilet.1


Extreme poverty cannot be eradicated
without universal access to safe water,
sanitation and hygiene. These basic services are
human rights: everyone on our planet needs them
to live healthy, dignified and productive lives.


hile one billion
people have
extreme poverty in the
last 20 years, at least 10%
of the world’s population
still live without safe water
to drink and one in three
people live without a decent
toilet.1 As a result, 500,000
children die every year.2
This wholly unacceptable
situation causes untold
suffering, holding back
human and sustainable
development. It particularly
affects the lives of women,
who carry the burden of
collecting water and caring
for sick children, and the
lives of girls who often fail
to finish their education
because of a lack of toilets
in schools.
However, there is now
real hope for the future.

The United Nations
Member States are
committed to the new
Sustainable Development
Goals which aim to end
extreme poverty by 2030 and
unite countries around the
world in tackling inequality.
WaterAid and our partners
in civil society, government
and the private sector are
committed to seizing this
historic opportunity to
accelerate transformational
change towards our shared
vision of universal access
to safe water, sanitation
and hygiene.
Since being founded by the
water industry over 30 years
ago, WaterAid has worked
alongside partners in some
of the poorest and most
marginalised communities to
reach over 21 million people
with safe water and 18 million

with sanitation.3 As the
world’s largest civil society
organisation focused solely
on water, sanitation and
hygiene, we have built a deep
understanding of the issues
that face communities living
without these basic services
and of the solutions needed.
In this strategy we will focus
on both collaboration and
challenge as we support
communities to call for
their rights to water and
sanitation, and work with
governments and serviceproviders to reach everyone,
everywhere with adequate,
affordable services. We will
also prioritise the promotion
of good hygiene behaviour
to help stop the spread
of deadly diseases and to
improve people’s health
and living conditions.

Crucially, we will champion
universal access to safe
water, sanitation and
hygiene as fundamental
to progress in all areas of
sustainable development.
Ending extreme poverty and
building a healthier, fairer
and more productive world
for everyone, particularly

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