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Research Analysis

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Hand Hygiene Compliance in Health Providers
Grand Canyon University:
NRS 433

The purpose of this article “The impact of workload on hygiene compliance in nursing” was to shade some light and reveal some of the findings the researchers come across during the previous questions posed. They wanted to know the reasons why nurses are noncompliant when it comes to hand hygiene. The study lasted twelve-month during which time the staff were observed in a hospital setting in six different settings. The researchers were set to find out the leading causes of nursing staff noncompliance with hand washing while hospital acquired infections were on the rise.
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Nursing staff were also observed during interaction with patient and while providing care. This was to help identify not only those who performed proper hand washing as well those that didn’t according the national guideline in an effort to help researcher answer some major questions and provide teaching grounds for the hospital. The study demonstrated that the nursing staff was noncompliant with regard to hand hygiene guidelines due to a number of factors.
Another purpose was to find the reason for staffs’ noncompliance of hand washing during patients care and any reasons nurses might be giving for taking shortcuts. However a positive teaching method was in sight for staffs who were not complying with guidelines. It included a motivational behavioral change, also finding noted that some of the staffing needed further reeducation on the importance of proper hand hygiene. Furthermore, the staff needed to be educated on the consequences of lack of proper hand hygiene. They also needed to be educated on the medical costs patients and the healthcare system as whole endures as a result.
The study also showed that when nursing staff workload is hectic or overwhelming shortcuts that are taken put patients at risk for multiple hospital acquired illnesses which can otherwise be prevented. From this it can be infer that when nurses are overloaded, thus their chief reason for not complying with company and national guidelines the consequences to patients’ safety can be costly and even deadly.
Although it might be hard to say a word at times the take way point here is that patients need to be protected and they deserved the best possible care regardless of the staff workload. Being that the nurse’s primary job is to heal their patients and to do no harm to them it would be unethical for them to not strive to do their best in this case to work...

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