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Requirements For The Corporate Computing Function

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Requirements For The Corporate Computing Function
Meeting information requirements of management is in the top 9 points because managers require timely, accurate information to make organizational decisions. The CIO is looking to ensure business processes are optimal, ensure compliance regulations are adhered to, and to improve upon how data is collected, stored, and used (Robertson, 2005). A second assumption is the CIO is looking to educate other managers on the pros and cons of both technologies, then solicit their inputs as to which is better suited for the company to implement.
The initial rollout phase should be implemented as follows: First, contain the capital and operating cost for ...view middle of the document...

Consider replacing un-needed workstations with smaller servers. They’re easier to maintain and require lesser IT personnel to administrate them (Burrows and Green, 2001). Finally, provide computing services in reliable manner by educating workers on the capabilities and software applications that are included. Have a trained professional onsite to answer and assist in solving hardware and software issues.
A mission statement that addresses security is critical because if an organization’s data is comprised, it has a negative impact in the public’s eye. Trust is lost, and it may take years to regain that trust. I believe some security controls are loosened because some believe it reduces the effectiveness of employees to get their jobs done (Ritchot, 2013). I would add the following mission statement to the CIO’s list. Ensure all electronic information entrusted to this organization is secure, and all applicable regulations are followed.
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