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Report On Tesco

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An Insight Report on TESCO Plc. By Aanca Georgiana

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I. II. III. Executive Summary .................................................................... Page 3 Trade Barriers ............................................................................. Page 4 Technological Advances .............................................................Page 4 a. Information Technology ......................................................... Page 4 b. Retailing Technology ............................................................. Page 5 c. Operation Systems Technology ............................................. Page 5 d. Recommendations ...view middle of the document...

................Page 17 Human Resource Management ..................................................Page 17 References………………………………………………………….Page 19 Malley 2

2| Tesco PLC

Executive Summary
Over the past 20 years, Tesco has brought its corporations to new heights in the supermarket industry by currently placing as the number 1 supermarket in the UK and number 3 worldwide amongst competing grocery chains. Their surge of success has much to do with advancing the corporations technology, such as CRM (Customer Relationship Management) software, this includes the highly successful Tesco Clubcard. Allowing Tesco to build their information technology with customer databases allowed them to develop their stores matching their customers' wants and needs, which is critical to the industry. Factors such as declining trade barriers and adapting to local Tesco environments by incorporating tactics such as, comparative advantage theory, allowed Tesco to profit in their global products and establishments in the foreign market. This also has allowed Tesco to operate with low fixed costs but as a supermarket company, Tesco experiences high variable costs including components such as production costs, suppliers etc... As Tesco's foreign direct investment has substantially increased over the past ten years. By 2009, Tesco invested a little over £46 million pounds combining inward and outward investment. By 2009, Tesco's outward investment totals were 35 percent of their total investments, demonstrating Leahy's clear direction of wanting to spread the corporation further into the foreign markets. Much of Tesco's success can easily be contributed to the outstanding leadership direction of Sir Terry Leahy. For almost 14 years, Leahy has been the CEO of the Tesco Corporation, launching the company into tremendous success not only for the UK but across the globe. There has been endless discussion as to what the future success of Tesco entails since Leahy will be retiring in Spring 2011. There has been much debate if Tesco will be able to continue to dominate in the foreign markets, as their ventures such as the United States Tesco's Fresh and Easy stores, are presently continuing to lose profit with little signs of improvements. Philip Clarke will be stepping in as Tesco's new CEO and his first year decisions will be crucial as to whether Tesco should continue or pull out of the American markets. Malley 3

3| Tesco PLC

Trade Barriers
Tesco supermarket is one of the largest food retailers across the UK and by 2010 they have expanded their stores across 14 other countries including Asia, Europe and the United States. The decline of trade barriers across the globe has allowed Tesco not only the ease of expanding their business worldwide but incorporating global products. This has also allowed for the company to establish a fair trade system of their goods while maintaining better relations with their suppliers. Malley 4

Technological Advances
During the...

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