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English work – Quotas for women in Boardrooms

Executive summary

Gender equality concerns have often led to heated debates over the pros and cons. Nowadays, the Belgian Federal Parliament has approved/passed a new law asking that government and Public-listed companies move towards an increasing proportion of women on the board of their companies within the next 7 years, with a target of 30%.
This report highlights the main consequences (positive and negative) of such a measure and attempts to find appropriate solutions.


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Women will find it difficult to earn the respect of their colleagues as they would not specially have earned their appointment through merit.

On the other hand, women could bring creativity and dynamism to the company concerned. Besides, these quotas have already been implemented in Norway, and it finally appeared to be really interesting for those companies. Nevertheless, no link has been really identified between the increasing number of women in these companies and their profits.

Conclusion and recommendation to address the quotas

To conclude, we firmly believe that such measure is not in favour of our economy as it brings a series of problems and can also be seen as a “reverse discrimination”, without really addressing the real issue concerning business women or women themselves.
Therefore, the company should try to find and hire high qualified and/or experienced women for responsibility jobs in order to get closer and hopefully reach the quotas without disturbing the functioning of the company. Through this, the company might pay a small fine for not reaching the percentage asked, but, at least, try to follow the rules without changing completely its way of working and therefore affecting its profit.

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