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Repercussions In Recruiting Incompetent People Essay

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Global Consumer Products (GCP) Company wanted to hire a Brand Manager for their newly developed Baby Soap. This was an urgent need for them, so the company had advertised on a week day English News paper. But, some of the salient features were missed out in their advertisement. Only a few candidates were attracted by their advertisement. According to that the company struggled to fit the suitable guy in that position.
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Two candidates were selected for final interview in rush manner. Final interview wasn’t conducted in the fixed date and it was postponed because of Marketing Director and his team wanted to attend for an Exhibition. Final interview was carried out 5 days after the exhibition by CEO and Marketing Director and Mr. Anton was selected as the new Brand Manager.
Mr. Anton was asked to join to the company as soon as possible. He was joined as following week and he wasn’t familiarized with the systems and the process of the company and he immediately got involved the works at very 1st days. When he was asked to prepare branding strategy he had no idea about it. Although he prepared the branding strategy it was substandard.
Finally he had known the actual role as the brand manager and found himself as not competent enough for the duties entrusted to him. At sometimes he was listening to his subordinates in terms of technical areas of the job.
Thereby the market for the Baby Soap was significantly dropped. So branding team also was fed up and de motivated because of the target wasn’t achieved. Finally management of GCP decided to extend the probation period.

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