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Rendezvous Ii Essay

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Rendezvous II
He meets her eyes as she opens the car door.
She has a wild expression on her face.
She looks terrified.
He tries to greet her with a smile, but decides not to make the situation even more awkward.
He starts the car and drives along the Interstate.
They are both very quiet.
His cobra tattoo itches, but he doesn’t want to rub it.
The saxophone solo is on again and he turns down the volume.
She looks young, he thinks. Young meat.
He tries to remove the dirty thoughts in his mind, but the girl is so tempting that he cannot stop thinking about those things…
She still looks terrified as if she just saw a ghost in the car.
What was he thinking about? Just picking up a strange young girl?
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He looked at her with his dark eyes.
Something in her turned.
She had a very bad gut feeling.
Why didn’t she just stay at home in her warm bed with Mr Snuffles and a warm cup of tea?
Okay, I’m not a little girl she thought.
She tried to calm herself down, but she began to notice that her heart was beating faster than ever.
Relax Kim, she thought.
This is only a very bad dream.

He glanced at her from the corner of his eye.
So tempting, he thought.
Maybe she was only 16.
He tried to focus on the interstate.
The rain drummed louder and louder on the car roof.
He decided to turn up the drums a little bit, just to drown the depressive sound of rain.
Maybe she didn’t like drums, but in that moment he didn’t care.
She was in his car, so he decided what music they should listen too.
The girl started to fumble with her bag.
She took up her little pink smartphone, and started to write a message.
He pretended that he didn’t care, but he wondered why she didn’t say were she was planning on going?
He looked at her in a few seconds, but then he noticed something about her.
She reminded him of himself.

She wrote a message to her mom, saying that she was okay and that she was just sleeping at a friend’s house.
She didn’t want to tell them anything about where she actually was right now.
They would be terrified.
The man looked at her once again with his dark eyes.
He looked confused, as if he wanted to ask her about something.
She looked back at him, and in that moment she saw herself in his eyes
She felt like she finally belonged somewhere…
They drove in silence.
Still looking at each other.
No words were spoken.
It wasn’t a bad dream after all.

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