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Remuneration Essay

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The fast food restaurant is not providing salary and benefits as per the legislation. The minimum pay rate as per minimum hourly rate for the employee classification should be $10.37 but Wesley is getting only $10 without any allowances. Under the Pastoral Award 2010, ordinary hours are 152 hours worked over a four-week period, regardless of whether they fall on a weekend. Ordinary hours for casuals are the same as for full-time employees. Whilst an employer must comply with the minimum rates of pay that are set by awards, federal laws and state laws, the actual rate of pay will depend on the responsibilities ...view middle of the document...

Employer is not an employer of choice. Wesley is getting under pay which is not in the favour of employer. Wesley won’t be satisfied with salary, benefits and other allowances. It will lead to a lack of interest and lack in productivity.
Yes this occupational group has an industrial agreement. This fast food restaurant is able to meet their strategic goals and objectives by maintaining a happy working environment and high quality staff. Employee surveys produce a huge mass of data. It's easy to get lost in this data and end up looking at the detail of individual questions. It is like looking at individual trees, but failing to get the 'helicopter view' that allows us to see the shape of the forest. As a result, you could end up focusing on the wrong things and taking the wrong actions simply because they have a low score and not because they will have a big impact.
No it is not aligned with the performance. No the employees are not receiving minimum entitlements. If company pays employees bonuses or incentives towards the shares of the company, this is predertemined by a formula. The objective is to increase employees incentive to achieve greater profitability as they stand to gain more money when there is a high profit. Gainshaing helps to motivate the staff to perform better.
To conclude his salary is very uncompetitive. Suggestion to increase salary as per industry standards.

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