Religious Philosophy Article Critique Essay

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Religious Philosophy Article Critique
Meshell O’Neal
Axia College of University of Phoenix

I believe that yes, a person’s religious views should effect the way they treat others. In Christianity, we follow in the footsteps of Jesus Christ, whom never sinned. He is still the Holiest person below God, but as God. Jesus knew that his purpose on earth was to do the will of his father and in doing so he was humble and compassionate to those that he healed, and at the same time he was also to the point and direct when he needed to be. He knew everything about everyone then just as he does now.
Jesus’ treatment of others shows people that they can be like that to and still care even if what ...view middle of the document...

We learn from those trials and those trials build our character.
I do believe that humble generosity exists in this world today. Humbleness is not a weakness, it is a strength, and one who is not humbled because of the things that are happening around them will not learn that valuable lesson that needs to be learned until they are in most cases shown how to be humbled. We also learn by watching or observing the people and things around us. We cannot be humbled if we do not know what humbleness is or even what it looks like when we have not seen it. This is a most valuable trait, however, it is an every growing trait that has to be continuously tested throughout a person’s life.
I might be able to give a parable to the widow’s story, but I could never rewrite it. I have seen many people that have been hurting in their finances. I feel that I could only give a testimony of myself in this situation. My husband and I had paid our bills usually first and then did not leave enough money left for food before we got smart and started getting the...

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