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Relevant Details Essay

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Relevant Details
Pierce’s poem, "Relevant Details," describes the mistakes young people make before eventually realizing that they have all along been on the losing side. Remarkably, in modern times, the youths engage in a lifestyle of negligence that endangers their present and future life. Pierce, in her poem, depicts the transformation of a modern youth by using flashback to recount the dark days to the transformed days. Given this, this essay makes an analysis of Pierce’s poem, "Relevant Details" in respect to the modern lifestyles and the way individuals come to realize of their endangering lifestyle.
The poem begins with a description of a bar referred to as the Den of Iniquity and ...view middle of the document...

This trend is everywhere preferably because of lack of proper parental guidance or because of disobedience. As such, regardless of whether the trend will pose threats to their lives, the young people are less concerned about the outcome because all they are after is having fun with their peers.
The narrator points of her pregnancy thought of that particular night when she had a headache to highlight an even bigger danger of the modern times binge drinking by the young generation. She indicates that upon these feelings, she started drinking only club soda, preferably, this is the turning point of her life. In this case, the point at which she began realizing the dangers she had been exposing herself to through her negligent lifestyle. However, considering her thought and preferably her current pregnancy status for that case, it is already too late because things cannot be reversed. Reflecting on this, it is evident that it refers to the current situations young people find themselves in, in real life situations after misusing their lives with modern lifestyles that endanger their lives either knowingly or unknowingly. Some of the most common dangers young people put their lives in by engaging in these modern ways of lifestyles are contacting sexually transmitted diseases, getting pregnant, and injuries, and death through road accidents.
Then, the narrator continues to highlight on other relevant details of that particular night, and most likely, which formed her...

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