Relationship Between The Usage Of Cell Phones And Brain Tumrs

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Living in the information age technology is around people twenty-four hours a day seven days a week. One piece of technology most people have with them throughout the day is a cell phone. This study will investigate the relationship between the usage of cell phones and the increased risk of brain tumors. Numerous research studies have been done to analyze how the usage of cell phones correlates with the instance of brain tumors. This paper will analyze the findings of these studies and provide a description of the findings from the research studies that have been done related to the question do cell phones cause an increase in brain tumors to the ...view middle of the document...

Berg, G., Spallek, J., Schüz, J., Schlehofer, B., Böhler, E., Schlaefer, K., et al. (2007) also found through their research that cell phones did contain radio frequencies and electromagnetic waves. They tested the effect of these electromagnetic waves and radio frequencies have on people work around electromagnetic fields and radio frequencies on a daily basis. The also tested how these same waves in cell phones are transferred into the human brain tissue. These electromagnetic waves and radio frequencies were indeed transferred into the human brain at unspecified rates and through analysis these waves did in fact increase the incidence of brain tumors. However, the amount of increase in the incidence of brain tumor growth was such a small amount that the results were not substantial.
Lönn, S., Ahlbom, A., Hall, P., & Feychting, M. (2005) researched the long term effects of cell phone usage and the occurrence of brain tumors. The results for the long term effects were done over a ten year study and their findings were similar to the findings of Berg, G., Spallek, J., Schüz, J., Schlehofer, B., Böhler, E., Schlaefer, K., et al. (2007).

Lönn, S., Ahlbom, A., Hall,P., & Feychting, M. (2005) found that long term usage of cell phones did increase the incidence of brain tumors in cell phone usage however the amount it increased was also very small and non substantial. Wiart, J., Wake, K., Vrijheid, M., Villegas, R., Vecchia, P., Taki, M., et al. (2011) found through their research that radio frequencies and electromagnetic waves were in fact absorbed into brain tissue after cell phone usage. So much so that using spacial maximum specific energy absorption technology they could see in the brain tissue exactly which side the cell phone was used on and the size of the cell phone used. The electromagnetic waves pass into the brain tissue did heat up the brain tissue but results from the study done by Wiart, J., Wake, K., Vrijheid, M., Villegas, R., Vecchia, P., Taki, M., et al. (2011) found the heating of the brain tissue to not be accelerating tumor growth. Lahkola, A., Salminen, T., Raitanen, J., Heinävaara, S., Schoemaker, M., Collatz-Christensen, H., et al.(2008) conducted a study where phone use was recorded weekly for six months and the results were cross referenced with results from doctors reports from weekly physicals and CT scans. The study found that there was actually a decrease in tumor growth in the people who were using cell phones regularly over the people who were not using cell phones regularly. It was also found that “risk was not increased in relation to years since first use, lifetime years of use, cumulative hours of use or cumulative number of calls.” Lahkola, A., Salminen, T., Raitanen, J., Heinävaara, S., Schoemaker, M., Collatz-Christensen, H., et al.(2008).
Thus far the research has suggested that cell phones do not increase the rick of brain tumors or increase the rate at...

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